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Geoff Diehl

Republican Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts

Geoff is a former State Representative and small business owner. After seeing the politicians on Beacon Hill trample on the rights of the people, he is determined to make Massachusetts a better place to live. Geoff will place a special emphasis on individual freedom and opportunity. He believes government should be transparent, fiscally responsible, and provide an environment for the people to flourish. He supports parental rights, religious freedom, and fair and secure elections.

Leah Cole Allen

Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Leah Cole Allen is also a former State Representative who fought alongside Geoff Diehl to repeal the automatic gas tax increase in 2013. Leah eventually left politics to pursue a nursing career and start a family. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was an RN on the front lines of caring for patients even while pregnant with her second child. She is ready to fight alongside Geoff once again for the rights of the people of Massachusetts.

Rayla Campbell

Republican Candidate for Secretary of State

Rayla Campbell is a native of Boston and was raised in Scituate. She is a wife, mother of 3, and has a heart for the people of Massachusetts. She is a fighter who is willing to stand up for what she believes while also listening to and incorporating the voice of the people. As Secretary of State, she will restore fairness and transparency to our elections.  She is a "rule of law" Republican who will eliminate the communist and socialist influence on our nation's proud and rich history. She will be a determined watchdog for the consumers and voters of Massachusetts. Read Rayla's endorsement here.

Jay McMahon

Republican Candidate for Attorney General

Jay McMahon is a successful attorney who has served in the military and law enforcement. Jay is a Constitutional conservative who will bring law and order back to the Commonwealth. He will respect and defend all of our Constitutional rights, especially those protected under the 1st and 2nd amendments. Jay will eliminate corruption and prosecute crimes restoring justice and safety to our state. He is also very passionate about addressing and resolving the opioid epidemic. Read Jay's endorsement here.

Dean Martilli

Republican Candidate for U.S. Congress

After a successful career in the private sector, Dean Martilli launched an independent public-policy and governmental affairs firm specializing in strategic planning, business development, marketing and communications. He saw the policies of Washington move further and further from the American worker and American family. Now Dean's running to "Be the Change" and restore common sense  to our legislative branch of government.

Dean Martilli for U.S. Congress
Cecilia Calabrese

Republican Candidate for State Senate

Cecilia Calabrese has been successful in both the public and private sectors. She has been serving for nine years on the Agawam City Council and is in her 4th term as the Council Vice President. She is also an Attorney and a Commercial and Residential Property Manager. She is now running for State Senate in the Hampden and Hampshire district. Among other things, she plans on protecting our rights, fighting for election integrity, and restoring transparency to government. 

Cecilia Calabrese for MA State Senate
The Massachusetts Republican Assembly

MARA is the Constitutional Conservative wing of the Republican party. Their first stated objective is to "To recruit, train, and motivate individuals to run for public office who are irrevocably committed to uphold and fight for constitutional principles and the preservation of the REPUBLIC!" An endorsement from MARA is a testament to John's truly Conservative Republican principles.

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly
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