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In addition to bringing a Conservative Republican perspective to the Governor's Council, John has four specific points of concern that he plans on addressing. These four points will bring clarity and accountability with regards to our justice system.



The vetting process for judicial appointments needs to be improved. State judges have an enormous responsibility so we must ensure that only the very best receive these appointments. The Governor's Council is a critical part of this process and should not be rubber-stamping the Governor's appointments. We need to make sure that our laws are being upheld by impartial judges who rule according to our State Constitution and our laws instead of being ignored by activists who legislate from the bench.


The Oath of Office for a judge should be taken seriously. We live in a time where judges, politicians, and other public officials are abandoning their oath of office. Whether it's an Attorney General who uses the position for political gain or a District Judge who obstructs justice and refuses to uphold the law, our Nation and our State have seen too many in law enforcement who refuse to do what they were elected or appointed to do. We need judges who will uphold the oath they took when taking office. All judicial appointments should be questioned vigorously to ensure they not only understand the oath, but also plan on fulfilling it as well.


Commuting a prison sentence or extending a pardon to criminals is a serious matter. Allowing a person who has been convicted of a crime to be released early should not be taken lightly. Whenever possible, the victim and/or the victim's family should be allowed to testify before this decision is made. Those who were harmed by the actions of the person seeking the commutation should be allowed to have input into this decision.


We need to hold our elected officials accountable as much as possible. With respect to the Governor's Council, a little known component of our state government, it would be beneficial to televise the proceedings and/or stream them online. The more visibility this council receives, the greater confidence the people will have in their decisions. During the pandemic, the sessions were streamed, but when the statehouse reopened, the stream was ended. It has since been restored, but this needs to be made permanent. Transparency is critical in a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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